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Generate commission free bookings on your WordPress site by integrating the igumbi online booking tool. Great for hotels, B&Bs, holiday rentals and apartment sites.

Download the WordPress hotel booking engine plugin igumbi-online-booking from the official WordPress plugin repository.

igumbi is a simple and fast online hotel booking tool / online hotel booking engine (also an online hotelsoftware / PMS and a revenue- / yield-management system). It is used by hotels, B&Bs, holiday rentals: apartments, holiday houses, holidayflats.

igumbi-online-booking WordPress Plugin: tweak your CSS and language options

The hotel booking system plugin makes the booking engine available to your WordPress site. You will use the igumbi backend to handle the daily business and reservations, send emails via email-templates like offers and confirmations, create invoices, assign rooms, register and check in your guests.

igumbi gives your WordPress site visitors dynamic room/apartment prices based on revenue management methods, which also implement an upselling strategy. This will help you, as the property owner, to earn more with direct commissionless bookings and pay less OTA commissions to the likes of booking.com or Expedia.

The plugin is free to use, but you do need an igumbi account with igumbi.com.

Create your igumbi account

A free trial account is available at igumbi.com/trial.

Then go the settings page and get the hotel-code to hook up the online booking tool.

create 30 day free trial account

and integrate the booking tool into your WordPress site.

Before you set the booking system tool live, ensure that you have entered all reservations into the igumbi backend (at least for the critical dates) so that the correct daily availability can be calculated. You will also want to configure your prices so that the correct prices are quited to your website visitors.

Display the booking tool where you need it

With the new plugin architecture, you can now leverage the flexibility of the shortcodes to display the elements of the igumbi booking tool in your pages or on your widgetized areas (sidebar, footer, header).

Tune the colors of the booking tool by adjusting the CSS

You can overwrite the CSS generated by the igumbi booking tool to match the look and feel of your sites theme in the igumbi backend or via the WordPress igumbi Settings Page.

Check out the official site for details and screenshots.


  • Download the online booking system plugin, add it to your WordPress Site in the plugin folder and activate it.
  • Go to the WordPress settings page and fill out the details. get the Code from the igumbi settings page
  • Add to any page, post, or as a sidebar widget. Integrate with shortcodes [igumbi_dialog] and [igumbi_avform] into your site template. [igumbi_dialog] needs to be placed where you want the response of the booking system.
  • Tweak and overwrite the CSS to match the look of your WordPress template via the igumbi backend or the setting page in WordPress.
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